Johnny Harris: “Something happened out there. We went on a journey. We came back physically exhausted. We came back emotionally exhausted.”

British actor Johnny Harris talks about his role in Monsters: Dark Continent, his respect for director Tom Green and the on-set bromance with fellow co-star Sam Keeley.

What was it about Monsters: Dark Continent that drew you in?

They sent the script to my agent and I loved it. I really did. It’s stock answer to that question but I really did. I thought it was something special. I called my agent back immediately and said there’s something in this character. I met the director for a coffee and we had a chat. I was very lucky how things came together. He knew some of my early work and I just clicked with him immediately. We started work the next day I think.

Did you have to do a lot of training?

Yeah, there was accent training obviously. I play an American in this. It was the first time I’ve done American. I don’t want to bore you with technicalities but South London to American needs a bit of work so there was a lot to take on to building the character, getting him right, so we started work immediately.

What was Tom Green like to work with? Being as this is his first feature film was he as professional as you imagined he would be?

He’s fearless. He’s taken the film to a level that I don’t think, with no disrespect to any other directors, there are many out there who could have taken this film to this level. I saw it at script level. I know what it was and I know what it now is. He’s fearless. I put this up, and this is a statement, there with any director’s début ever. I don’t think there’s a director out there who has come up with a début this exciting in decades. I really don’t. Have you seen it yet?

No, I haven’t seen it yet. I’ve seen the first one. I loved the concept of humanity versus monster/outsider. The question is who are the real monsters? I’m looking forward to seeing this one. What was your perspective of the creatures in Green’s film? What do they represent to you?

I don’t want to ruin it for you but yeah I definitely feel the same way as you. It carries on from the first one in the sense that at the end of the first one you are left thinking okay, maybe it’s us that are the monsters as human beings. This evolves that. The story doesn’t end there. You have to ask yourself, well if that’s the case what happened? These things don’t just go away. What will they do? They’ll evolve, they’ll get bigger, they’ll get stronger. We’ve got new characters in this one too but it’s still about them exploring their place within this bigger world – the American military. It’s interesting.

Did you get along with all of the cast members?

We’re friends. Sam Keeley and I are real friends. Something happened out there. We went on a journey, you’ll see what I mean when you see the film. We came back physically exhausted, we came back emotionally exhausted. He’s seen me laugh and seen me cry, I’ve seen him laugh and I’ve seen him cry. We went somewhere.

That’s so sweet. 

Yeah, and it’s not false.

Monsters: Dark Continent is due for release 27th February 2015.

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