A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night Premieres at the London Film Festival.

Ana Lily Amirpou attends the screening of her first feature film  A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night in Leicester Square.

The English-born, Iranian-American writer-director walks the red carpet with her leading man Arash Marandi this evening. The Iranian vampire film is set in the ghost town “Bad City” and depicts the life of “The Girl” (Shelia Vand) who leads a lonesome existence as a member of the living dead until she makes a connection. Amirpou’s début feature doubles as a compact metaphor for the current state of Iran.

Theslightlyscarletmovieblog asked director and actor why vampires are such a popular metaphorical device within cinema to which Marandi replied: “I think they are romantic, tragic, lonely addicts”. Lily Amirpou answered with a succinct “nobody wants to die and grow old because death sucks”.

Marandi hails Amirpou “a genius and a director of the future”. He says, “When she sent me this script I was just blown away and thought we had to work together.”

Ana Lily Amirpou listed David Lynch, Bruce Lee, Die Antwoord, Back to The Future 1&2, Never Ending Story, Superman and the idea of love as being her influences. She claims that the set put a spell on cast members and crew because it was “a really small strange economically depressed ghost town in the desert”. She says, “The town was like a character itself – the oil rigs and strange people. I love it, it has a spell. It has a power that it brings over everybody. Half of the shoot was nights so we’re shooting nights and getting up at 8pm and shooting until 8am. It puts a spell on you.”

Amirpou confirms that she was the skateboarder double on set for her chador-clad skateboarding heroine and emphatically tells theslightlyscarletmovieblog that “skateboarding saved my life”.

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